Chinese Medicine’s Answer to Radiant Skin

According to the Taoist traditions, our skin is an extension of the Lung channel, so when we experience an excess of blemishes, eruptions, psoriasis etc, a part of these issues are correlated to a deficiency in lung Qi. Common skin issues like acne, eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis relate to heat in the Lung channel, weak Lung Qi & dampness in the body. Plus we know day-to-day stress weakens our immunity & diverts Qi to our sympathetic nervous system; we don’t want this.

How To Get Radiant Skin?

◇ Diet ◇

Be mindful of food allergies or sensitivities & focus on an anti-inflammatory diet, by removing dampening foods (gluten, dairy, salicylates, amines/histamines, cheap oils & the four whites – sugar, wheat, dairy & processed salt).

◇ Lungs ◇

As the Lung organ system governs the skin, toning the lungs is key. Lung Qi tonics & breathing exercises can profoundly benefit the skin. & think about this: our lungs are one of our major defences against the outside world (namely pathogens & bacteria). When our immunity is deficient, what often happens?! Breakouts! Dryness! Plus, our lungs control our skin respiration; this includes controlling the pores & sweat glands. To tone & support lung function, we love Astragalus, Tremella & Schizandra. Please contact us or visit the clinic to purchase.

◇ Gut Health ◇

Is always connected to any skin issues, especially if you are suffering from leaky gut. As we have discussed, when we have low immunity (the gut houses our immunity), our skin shows it. You must focus on supporting & nourishing your gut microbiome. Aloe vera, bone broths, collagen & chlorophyll-rich juices are all your gut’s best friend. We love Mason’s Mushrooms. Please contact us or visit the clinic to purchase.

◇ Stress ◇

Will absolutely trigger eczema & psoriasis. Burnout & exhaustion shows up on your skin. So please rest, intuit into your needs. Take space. Meditate. Connect to spirit. We love Reishi. Please contact or visit the clinic to purchase.

◇ Love Your Liver ◇

If there is a toxic load present & your liver is under pressure, skin issues are more likely to arise. We love Beauty Blend, MSM & Schizandra. Please contact us or visit the clinic to purchase.

◇ Toxicity ◇

There are so many toxic factors that can contribute to the health of your skin. Synthetic chemicals are known endocrine disruptors, so it’s really important to consider your relationship to plastics, what products you use in your beauty regime, do you handle receipts often etc. Eliminating toxicity from both your diet & lifestyle, is really key. We love EstroBlock to help remove toxic estrogens from the body.

 ◇ Hormones ◇

Sex hormone imbalance can often be one of the core factors with skin issues. By toning the liver, by toning your gut & by being mindful of stress you are already supporting the health of your sex hormones. All the previous herbs suggested above have endocrine supporting properties (through their toning of the gut & liver) however if this is a real focus for you. We love Beauty Blend & JING. Please contact us or visit the clinic to purchase.

On some parts of the body, like the face, we can see patterns & associations relating to core dysfunction. The ancients mapped out these associations & you can use this map to consider organ function issues you may be experiencing. Consider where you experience eruptions, dryness or irritations. Every human is individual, just like we have skeletal variations, there are facial meridian variations & so you may see slightly different maps.

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