Société Clear Skin Boosting Pads 60 Pads

Powerful exfoliating pads full of actives that clear and clarify blemish-prone skin.

Société Clear Skin Boosting Pads is the intensive treatment boost your skin needs to overcome blemishes. A triple blend of AHAs, including glycolic acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid that each have a different molecular weight to work best on different levels of the skin. This exfoliating action is combined with the power of BHAs to clear imperfections including blackheads.

More than just exfoliation, Société Clear Skin Boosting Pads also feature natural actives to help improve the appearance of acne prone skin. Mirabilis jalap extract, used as a traditional folk medicine for centuries in Brazil, but have more recently been supported by scientific studies as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This natural active helps to heal the skin, and reduce redness associated with breakouts.


What are the features & benefits of Société Clear Skin Boosting Pads?

  • Single use, hygienic chemical exfoliation pads
  • Low pH for maximum action from BHAs and AHAs
  • BHA in the form of salicylic acid
  • AHAs in the form of glycolic, lactic and mandelic acid
  • Lactobacillus ferment filtrate helps to balance the skin
  • Lilac extract offers antioxidant protection
  • Mirabilis jalap extract offers anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Comes with 60 pads, to last at least two months of daily use