Creme Pigm 400 50ml

A unique brightening and pigment correcting cream, Crème PIGM 400 works to break down existing hormonal and sun-induced pigment, while preventing future tonal inconsistencies from surfacing. Safe for use during and after pregnancy, it is formulated without hydroquinone and instead calls on botanical whitening agents derived from Young Cress Shoots, Plump Pulp and Soy to regulate melanogenesis from initiation to migration and stimulate lipofuscin breakdown. Wasabi Extract, Vitamin E and Polysaccharides nourish and protect the complexion from free radicals to prevent cellular degeneration and accelerated ageing.

Key Ingredients:
Young Cress Shoots, Plum Pulp, Soy, Wasabi, Vitamin E, Polysaccharides

Appropriate For:
Melasma, Hormonal Pigment, Sun-damage

This brightening, pigment-correcting cream illuminates the complexion, while breaking down and preventing future pigment

When to Apply:
Morning and Evening after cleansing, over your recommended serums

How to Apply:
Gently press into the face, neck and decolletage

The skin is energised, brightened and more unified in tone

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