The Clinic Skin Health approach is grounded in our passion for helping you transform your appearance using modern, non-aggressive techniques and advanced cosmeceuticals that are bio-identical to what your skin naturally needs.

What we do

We offer a select range of skin treatments to rejuvenate and repair skin affected by acne, ageing, sun damage, rosacea, dermatitis, pigmentation, uneven tone, and more.

Our clients love our highly personalised and consultative approach, encompassing a genuine respect for the body’s natural processes. Drawing on our deep understanding of the way our bodies work, we spend the time to evaluate the cause of your skin concern before creating an effective treatment plan that provides lasting results.

You can be confident that every step we take on your journey to better skin is also better for you.

Our Philosophy

We believe that our bodies are highly intelligent, and respond naturally to internal and external factors. These “causes” can sometimes cause us pain or embarrassment in the form of “effects”: oily skin, breakouts, redness, enlarged pores, itchiness, dullness, and so on.

This is why we choose a progressive, integrative and holistic approach to skin treatments, not an aggressive one. Our solutions are designed to treat the true cause of your skin condition or concern, so you can enjoy the enduring effects of naturally healthy, beautiful skin.

We advocate a “cleanse, restore, maintain” process, so you also receive proven strategies for uplifting your health and wellbeing via diet, lifestyle and internal supplement recommendations.

About Cara

Cara has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Sydney University, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Dermal Science and Therapies.

After extensive training and working alongside a leading cosmetic doctor, Cara established The Clinic Skin Health.

Having always had a deep passion for skin, health and beauty, Cara loves helping her clients transform their appearance using modern, non-aggressive techniques and advanced cosmeceuticals that are bio-identical to what the skin needs.

Cara is an advocate for integrative, personalised treatments that work above and beneath the surface to create stunning, flawless skin. 

“Some people have great looking skin for a while. But because they use so many active products and keep repeating invasive procedures, their skin often ends up looking worse than their friends’ skin in the long term.

The best approach combines careful preparation, high quality treatment, scientifically-founded after products, and a few specific lifestyle changes to bring out the best in your skin.”

Cara Ho, Founder of The Clinic Skin Health