Skin through the ages – skin in your Fifties.

Reaching life’s half-century mark is certainly a major accomplishment, but as with any age, it is not all smooth sailing! Turning 50 brings with it a whole host of changes to our body & the way it functions.

In fact, the changes you will see in your skin are as far from smooth as you could imagine!

The resilient and youthful skin you have enjoyed throughout decades before generally becomes unrecognisable as it becomes thinner and less tight. Following through from the changes in your 40s, your skin will now be continuing to thin, dry, and sag during your 50s.

You may also notice that your skin becomes more sensitive and irritated as you enter your 50s. These changes are brought on by Mother Nature’s wonderous phenomenon of menopause. Skin conditions such as Rosacea are prone to presenting themselves during these years.

It is important that you keep your skin hydrated and more nourished throughout your 50s to combat these symptoms.

The eye area already holds the thinnest skin on our bodies, so naturally with the thinning of skin in your 50s comes more prominent and deeper wrinkles in this area. Both reduced collagen and elastin production can cause the body’s thinner skin to drape around the eyes, meaning now is the perfect time to introduce a nourishing eye cream, if you have not already!

Your 50s is also time to bid farewell to the radiant skin you have become familiar with over time. You are likely to begin experiencing menopause in your early 50s, with testosterone production increasing and taking over the production of estrogen. This of course reduces collagen & moisture in your skin, and that glow we all love will begin to vanish.


As if the changes inside our bodies weren’t enough to change during this stage, the environment plays its part also! Environmental pollution is of course never good for our skin, but you are likely going to start seeing more pronounced effects as you age. The loss of elasticity in your skin in your 50s can lead to more noticeably large pores, which can be made worse with environmental pollutants leading to clogging and inflammation.

Reaching that milestone of life’s half-century isn’t sounding so glamorous now, is it?! Don’t be alarmed, The Clinic is here to support you through!

We recommend if you are in or entering your 50s the below to combat all those wonderful changes –

Reaching that milestone of life’s half-century isn’t sounding so glamorous now, is it?!

Don’t be alarmed, The Clinic is here to support you through!

We recommend if you are in or entering your 50s the below to combat all those wonderful changes –

  • Introducing more nourishing facials to restore balance and provide more hydration to your aging and stressed-out skin. Our favourite is Soin Lissant by Biologique Recherche, an anti-stress beauty care treatment comprised of a lotion and a powder leaving the skin smooth and soft.
  • Skin tightening treatments such as Skin Needling and Nano-Fractional Resurfacing can be fantastic additions to keep your skin tighter and plumper. Also, our newest addition to treatments at The Clinic, the Diamond Polar is like a warm facial massage! This treatment when performed weekly for 12 weeks will give you 12-18mths of firmer skin. Results are noticeable directly after each treatment.
  • Introduction of an eye cream can help combat those more noticeable wrinkles in the thinner skin around your eyes – Creme Biofixine by Biologique Recherche and Eye Web by DMK limited are two of our most effective.
  • Want to retain some of that radiance in your skin? We can’t look past Soin Lissant by Biologique Recherche, once again, top tip – apply this with the cold masque by Biologique Recherche for the most dynamic duo of radiance-inducing products! In-clinic treatments are always our go-to for optimum skin health, and the Muscle banding enzyme therapy by DMK is one of our all-time favourites for boosting radiance.
  • We can’t stop pollutants in the air, but we can certainly point you in the direction of some products that will help build the barrier function in your skin! Serum Oligo Proteins from Biologique Recherche is packed with antioxidants to work with your skin for building that barrier. The combination of Creme VIP 02 and Fluide VIP O2 also from Biologique Recherche both draw oxygen molecules into the epidermis to feed, brighten and stimulate skin cells for a more energised and radiant appearance!

If you are looking to reboot your skin health, contact us or book in a skin consultation. Our team of skilled clinicians are here to do our thing for your skin with advice on the best course of treatments and products to help you achieve the skin you deserve at any age!

Skin through the ages – skin in your forties

Turning 40. A birthday many of us try to hide from and cannot quite accept has come around so quickly!

Just as our style and tastes change over time, so does our complexion, and most importantly its genetic makeup. As you all likely know by now, our skin is ruled by hormonal changes, and with age comes many alterations to hormones, and ultimately our skin.

Hormonal aging is characterised by significant changes in the secretion of ovarian steroids, usually coinciding with the onset of Perimenopause. This is the marking of the end of reproductive years and the time during which your body makes the natural transition to menopause.

Contrary to popular belief, during this phase your estrogen does not plummet, that is yet to happen – just you wait until post-menopause!

It is in fact, the hormone progesterone that starts to dramatically decline, while your estrogen levels go through more of a roller coaster ride – from tripling to dropping and every level in between.

Staying skin-specific, these dramatic and ever-changing hormonal fluctuations can see an onset of adult acne, rosacea, increased skin sensitivity, peri-oral dermatitis, dryness of the skin, and an overall feeling of heat (oh hot flushes, how we dread you!)

As the skin aging process continues and volume loss in the skin is a lot more prominent an increase in skin dryness and decrease in thickness begins to become apparent, but this is just the beginning of what will later be one of your bigger skin concerns post-menopausal.

To combat these changes if you are in or entering your forties you should…

  1. Prescribe to regular in-clinic treatments to address the skin changes being faced, and the only way you can significantly increase collagen and elastin production. Some of our favourite treatments to help with this are – Nano-fractional RF Skin Resurfacing, Skin needling using R.A.S. Infusion and Laser Facials. 
  2. Increase the use of active ingredients in your skincare, such as vitamin B3, C, A, and E. Here are our most efficient products to deliver these – Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50, Serum 3R, the Mystiq Intense C Booster C15 from Lira Clinical, and their brand new CBD oil booster, & Serum 24 by Cosmedix.
  3. Almost the most important element, you should also include hydrating products such as Hyaluronic acid. In particular, we love the Hydrating Booster from PCA and Serum Yall02 by Biologique Recherche. For lipid depleted skin (oil dry) we recommend the ultra-luxurious Vintners Daughter Botanical Serum, Seba E from DMK, and the Beauty Oil by Lira Clinical.
  4. Include supplements with Essential Fatty Acids, Glutathione, Zinc, magnesium and collagen & consider adrenal support supplements. Our favourite combination to deliver these is our Ultimate 1.0 – collagen and EFA’s from DMK daily.  For an even better boost, we recommend our Superfeast range, in particular, Ashwahganda or Reishi for adrenal support and Chaga Mushroom for added zinc and magnesium.
  5. Ensure your gut and liver are well functioning – this will be one of the keys to fewer menopausal symptoms. Caras favourite for this is by doing a Digestive Tune-Up using Regul8 Maintain a probiotic with lactoferrin, Regul8 Restore for the gut lining & Regul8 Maintain for the protection of the probiotic cultures in the digestive tract. And for the further benefit we recommend taking Masons Mushies – an all-rounder from Superfeast, MSM for the liver from Superfeast and eat plenty of steamed cruciferous veggies! (think cauliflower, cabbage, kale, garden cress, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts)
  6. Keep refined sugar and alcohol to a minimum. Their effects on collagen production are enormous and as we enter our 40s anything we can do to reduce the degradation of this should be considered!

If you would like to have your skin reviewed by us please book a consultation here.