Depigmenting Treatment

Cosmelan® is a professional depigmenting treatment. It eliminates or reduces dark spots and freckles on the skin, while unifying skin tone and enhancing skin luminosity.

What Cosmelan® is used to treat

Pigmentation affects more than 90% of adults over 50 years old. It occurs when the body overproduces melanin, the pigment responsible for skin tone.

This can cause discolouration and dark spots, which can be unsightly and make people feel self-conscious.

How Cosmelan® works

Cosmelan® has a powerful depigmenting effect due to its high concentration of active ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types and tones, Cosmelan® addresses inconsistencies and brightens and unifies skin tone while improving skin texture.

We use Cosmelan® in 4 phases:

  1.  Intense depigmentation

Following a deep clean with an oil-removing solution, we apply the Cosmelan® treatment according to your skin’s unique needs. You keep this mask on for a few hours and remove it later at home.

  1.  Continuous depigmentation (Month 1)

48 hours after removing the Cosmelan® mask, you start a daily depigmentation routine. This enhances the effectiveness of the mask.

  1.  Control hyperpigmentation (Month 2 and 3)

We then treat the root cause of the blemish by regulating the overproduction of melanin to prevent recurrence. This is achieved using a topical maintenance crème and LED light therapy.

  1.  Control reappearance (Month 4 to 7)

In this phase, we go further to prevent treated spots from reappearing or new ones from forming. This includes using a de-pigmenting serum in the day and a super strength night crème. An ongoing commitment to sun protection is vital to safeguard your skin. It’s also best practice to have professional treatments each month.

Because Cosmelan® requires some downtime, we will happily plan your treatments around your schedule.

Cosmelan® is a proven effective treatment for correcting pigmentation.