We offer a range of skin treatments using DMK’s advanced skincare solutions. From ingrown hairs to cellulite treatments and enzyme therapy, they will leave you glowing from head to toe.


Eliminate ingrown hairs

About the treatment: Follicuzyme® is a fast and effective in-clinic treatment that revises keratosis pilaris (the bumps often seen on the backs of arms, thighs and the bottom) and ingrown hairs on the body.

How it works: Follicuzyme® helps dissolve the hair and dead cell material to release the follicle. Addresses redness and inflammation to leave skin smooth and supple.

Requires: 1 to 3 treatments.


Get your baby feet back

About the treatment: DMK’s MediPedi® softens callouses, corns, cracked heels and rough dry skin.

How it works: MediPedi® is an effective and non-invasive treatment. After we assess your concern, we apply a nourishing treatment that sinks deep into the dead cell layers of the skin to remove build-up.

Requires: 1 treatment (more for extreme cases).

Remodelling Procedure

Reconstruct sun damaged skin

About the treatment: DMK’s Remodelling Procedure (RP) is ideal for sun or environmentally damaged skin. It can reverse premature ageing by targeting the cause of sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

How it works: RP is a chemical peel that can be used on most areas of the body including your arms, back, neckline, legs, stomach, hands and face. The peel revises damage to the skin’s surface, and allows healthy and younger looking skin to shine through.

Requires: 1 treatment for a significantly noticeable improvement. Additional treatments may be required for more extreme cases.

Revise and refresh

Enzyme treatment to firm and rejuvenate skin

About the treatment: DMK Enzyme Therapy is a revered treatment effective in reducing cellulite, removing toxic waste, tightening skin and boosting circulation. It can also be used to treat ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body.

How it works: Enzyme treatments are deeply exfoliating, strengthening and firming. We apply a mask that contains live enzymes which stimulate your natural enzymes. This rebuilds your skin from the inside leading to a noticeably firmer, smoother complexion.

Requires: Minimum of 8 treatments.

Body Firming Program

Lose weight and reshape

About the treatment: DMK’s 12 week body reshaping program is designed to reduce cellulite, encourage weight loss, and firm and sculpt the body.

How it works: Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, this program is an effective way to target stubborn areas and promote skin rejuvenation as you undergo a 12 week body transformation. It includes a series of enzyme and LED treatments to aid in visibly firming your body.

Requires: 12 treatments.

Body Sculpting

Combat cellulite

About the treatment: The DMK Body Sculpting Wrap is designed to reshape and sculpt the body. Perfect for firming skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How it works: DMK’s sculpting crème reaches deep under the surface of the skin to increase circulation and help the body remove waste. On the surface, the crème has a toning effect that makes skin appear smooth and sculpted.

Requires: Minimum of 8 treatments.

Body Treatments can help you get the skin tone and texture you desire.